Assignment due: See submission deadline at Intro to Biostats (no extensions: 10% deduction for each day late)

Assignment marks: [10]


Using the README.Rmd file you created and updated in Assignment 1 and 2, respectively, add a code chunk (as described below), knit, and the push the changes to Github.

Code chunk 2

Set the following chunk options:

  • Chunk name: xy_plot

  • Chunk content: do not echo the chunk content

  • Chunk figure options: 8 x 8 inch figure size, center images on the page, save figures to a subfolder called ‘figures’ and in ‘svg’ format.

Add R code to produce the following output:

  • Explore the contents of some of the data in R’s anscombe dataset [first call: data(anscombe)], by plotting a scatterplot of columns x1 and y1. Add an abline showing the linear regression of y1 on x1 [code for linear regression: lm(y1 ~ x1, data = anscombe)].

Knit the file, push the updates to Github, and email a link to the updated repo to: